This one-hour performance evolves around the developments in image and sound media that have taken place between the beginning and ending of the Twentieth century, in particular the disappearance of accompanying live music orchestras and big bands from cinemas and theaters.

For this purpose, three classic silent movies from the first half of the Twentieth century, covering themes as utopias (Potemkin by Sergei Eisenstein), alienation (Un Chien andalou by Luis Buñuel) and projections of the future (Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin), have been re-interpreted by the Polyvinyl Big Band, mixing both ėtraditionalķ and ėmodernķ forms of image and sound media. This has resulted in a cinematographic, orchestral and narrative re-working of these classic films, whereby these are used as building-bricks for a parallel montage on three screens and a live polyphonic soundtrack for 10 turntables and state-of-the-art electronics.

During the performance, the audience finds itself within a ėreal-time information spaceķ bordered by three big projection screens and a quadraphonic audio installation. The Polyvinyl Big Band itself is lined-up as a traditional show-orchestra, with the director and the central sound-unit in front of it.


2001, the Netherlands

The PBB is a collective of professional audio- and video-artists and all the members are involved in the artistic content of productions and performances. In no particular order, these are:
  • Frank van Schie (DJ)
  • Remco Schuurbiers (VJ / DJ; Royal Conservatory The Hague; Interfaculty Image and Sound)
  • Wim Plug (DJ)
  • Jan Peter van der Wenden (VJ; Royal Conservatory The Hague; Interfaculty Image and Sound)
  • Alex (DJ)
  • Robert Middelburg (DJ)
  • Rachid Morstani (DJ)


Stichting Polyvinyl Big Band, p / a Wim Plug
Rijnsburgerweg 77a
2334BJ Leiden
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 71 5177070
+31 (0) 6 10834872 / web-site under construction.
A comprehensive press release is available on request. It includes further background information on the Polyvinyl Big Band concept, previous performances and more extensive biographies of all the members involved.

(sorry, in Dutch)